Workstation Setup Using Ansible

Configure your fedora machine in just one go.

Ratan Kulshreshtha published on
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I use Fedora on my Dell Vostro 3560, and I have a habit of reinstalling fedora whenever a new version of Fedora is released thus I have to install many things in my machine and configure many things again and again and sometimes I forgot something to install or sometimes I forgot to configure something so I asked myself is there a way to do this in a way which is immune to human errors or how can I automate all this ?

Suddenly I thought why not use Ansible to do my workstation setup which is an extremely popular open-source configuration management and software automation project. And Ansible’s idempotent, declarative syntax lends itself perfectly to describing how a system should be configured.

So I have written a playbook to configure your fedora workstation and this resides at RatanShreshtha/Workstation-Setup this playbook will install basic media software to necessary development dependencies to cool wallpapers.

I hope you will find this playbook useful and feel free to make some changes like also making it compatible with debian/ubuntu.

I appreciate any feedback.