DevConf.In 2018

My first conference as a speaker

Ratan Kulshreshtha published on
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I attended Devconf.IN which is the first annual Developers' Conference to be organised by Red Hat at Christ University in Bengaluru, India held on 4-5 August 2018.

Around ~1323 attendees attended Devconf.IN 2018 along with 110 speakers. There were around 14 parallel tracks (Agile, Blockchain, Cloud and Container, Community, Design, Developer Tools, DevOps, IoT, Machine Learning, Middleware, Platform, QE, Security, Storage) and BOFs, workshops so pretty much completely packed schedule.

The first day of the conference was kicked off with a dance performance by university students and after that the keynote by Ric Wheeler about "Open source is better for companies/businesses, communities and developers" and he talked about back in the day how things used to happen and how far we have come now in terms of software businesses.

After that, I attended JS Authentication with Auth0 then I went on sticker hunting in the boot area and had chat with many community members of Fedora, Foreman, OpenShift,Women who code, RDO, Mozilla, Ansible etc.

I was allocated the last slot for my talk which went quite well as opposed to my fears, I talked about testing and why we should do it how to do it and why you should be using nightwatch.js foe e2e testing, and I ended my talk with a demo and a quick Q&A session. It was a really nice experience for me to be on this side of the podium as opposed to I have been in the conferences.

The first day ended with the keynote by Karanbir Singh (kbsingh) about “Open Source won”, and it was a really fun and motivating talk I enjoyed it a lot.